Other Services and Programs

New York State Department of Labor –

Individual contractors can apply for a registered apprenticeship program with New York State Department of Labor. We will assist you in completing the application and attend any meeting you may have with New York State Department of Labor representatives. To request all paperwork provided, please e-mail Paul Iaccarino, Assistant Director at paul@bteducationfund.org

Department of Veterans Affairs –

If you are a veteran (discharged or separated service person), veteran’s dependent (spouse, surviving spouse
or child), disabled veteran, or active selective reservist of National Guards person and contributed to the GI Bill while in active duty, you are eligible to receive Department of Veteran Affairs education benefits during your
apprenticeship. To inquire about benefits or request the paperwork to
apply, please e-mail paul@bteducationfund.org

“J” Test Examination –

The “J” Test Examination is given once a year in May. This test allows “M” Mechanics to upgrade their status
to “J” Journeyman. All “M” Mechanics will be mailed a letter in April for them to respond if they would like to take the test. If you do not receive this letter, and would like to notify us, please e-mail us at office@bteducationfund.org